Airport in Incheon is a huge "air-hub", built in 2001.
Has the routes with many countries other the world, as well as France, United States of America, Fiji (by the way, flight time to island - 12 hours!) and so on...

In other words, you can easily reach this destination to discover mountain areas of South Korean Republic and enjoy the beautiness of landscapes to the full. Altogether perceiving the kindeness of korean people & the grandeur of booming country, where progress makes a consortism with countryside life.

Pusan - is on the south-eastern part of Korea, on the coast of Japanese sea. Also an international airport with numerous routes.
Next one is Taegu city: has its own air harbour. There are some possible flights to neighbouring China and Japan.

Additionally, possible direction - ferry DBS: Sakaiminato - Donghae.

Way to Haenam

To be driven to south-southwestern region on seaside, have to overcome distance from Pusan or Seoul by making 5hrs trip by bus through the whole country' territory.





One pre- prepared route is described below:"Seoul-Haenam":


Prior to departure, more comfortable is to make overnight stop in Cheongguguesthouse YaKorea.  
Bunk-bed in room for 12 people costs 10.000~12.000 KRW.
Nearby greengrocery spot.

On the next morning have to start from 830 to be able get in time to bus terminal: Express Bus Terminal - 고속버스터미널.


Then follow to ticketing box through metro tunnel.
To take the proper road, Series of steps is below.

  • 1

keep to pointer CENTRAL TERMINAL
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

  • 7

booking office
  • 8
  • 9

ex. #2
  • 10

embussing: exit №2

Above string is an approx. text to claim for ticketing.

Trip cost ≈ 24.000 won.

In case of self-ticketing box usage...