History of Haenam County

First culture located at Haenam area is Neolithic Culture.
As remains of Bronze Age, dolmen and shell mounds were discovered.
Haenam became the largest county in Chunnam province as its name was changed from Haenam Hyeon to Haenam county in 1895
(32nd year of King Gojong) in line with administrative system reform.
Geographically, this county located at the tip of Sobaek mountain range is formed by hilly area and is a heavenly blessed land that is
suitable for agriculture and fishery for its mild oceanic climate.

County Flag

Camellia flower, a county flower of Haenam-gun, was allocated at the center of flag in red color and county flag of Haenam-gun was symbolically represented by inserting the word, 'ㅎ‘, the initial word of Haenam in the center of camellia flower. By dividing flag base in three parts, camellia flower was arranged to be supported and blue color in the middle represents sea of three sides and 14 eub/myeon in 14 lines at the same time.

Light green color at the bottom base symbolized green revolution of agro-oriented Haename-gun as an image of granary Haenam and young and green desires of county citizens as well.

Yellow color of the upper base signifies harvest of ripened crops and symbolizes construction of welfare-oriented Haenam through increased income by Saemaeul Movement.

County flag expresses endlessly researching adventurous spirit based on an ambition of trying to achieve dream with constant spirit and burning passion of Haenam citizens.


Country flower - Camellias
Country Tree - Camellia
Country Bird - Ringdove



Mascot of Haenam-gun formulated dinosaur emphasizing dinosaur fossil site of Haenam-gun.

Mascot of Haenam-gun named 'Dino' will make a relation among county authorities, general public and county citizens more intimately and play a significant role of delivering image of Haenam with ease.

This mascot could be utilized for publicity of county administration, information of public service and various county events and furthermore, its using range could be expanded by developing it as souvenir of Haenam-gun (character product).

Reproductive use of mascot shall be correctly performed through reproduction mode of general photolithography by using script of manual reproduction data or magnification by computer and its color coordination shall maintain specified color standard without fail. Only color of cap and gloves is permitted to be freely used within the range of assort color.


Name of dinosaur character is a combination of Irus having a meaning of making dream come true and Nanus meaning love sharingadded to 's', the last word of dinosaur's scientific name. Dinosaur was expressed as a lovely image by personified it so that historic site of dinosaur could be used by the children as their intimate learning ground.


This logo means all the special agricultural products being produced in Ttangkkeut by combining the name of "Ttangkkeut " and "Nuri", an old word of world. This brand is used for only special agricultural products representing Haenam so that the customers may reliably purchase taste of nature and hometown presented by heavenly blessed Haenam by just identifying Ttangkkeut Nuri brand.

Sunshine of Ttangkkeut

  • Rice of Haenam - Selected as the best brand rice nationwide for 8 consecutive years
  • Acquired accreditation certificate of Love Beauty of "Rice being loved at first sight" for the first time nationwide
  • Selected as the best rice by Korea Consumers Organization for 5 consecutive years

This rice is high-quality rice being produced in Ttangkkeut Haenam where spirit of heaven and earth are gathered based on clean water, rich sunshine and fertile reclaimed land. Breed having the best taste was selected through food tasting of consumers and this rice being produced by contract cultivation with sincere farmers after selecting suitable place for cultivation through soil test is a brand representing Haenam. This rice is delivered after processing it only at general grain processing mill of NH furnished with latest rice-polishing facility and this rice is produced under the cooperation of public, private sector in terms of breed selection, contract cultivation, harvest and processing and its quality is guaranteed by county governor of Haenam-gun.

Haenam Laver

Haenam laver having unique taste and flavor reviving "Unchanged Old Taste" is pollution-free laver being produced in clean coastal waters of Ttangkkeut - southernmost tip of Korean peninsula and this laver is the best goods being differentiated from any other lavers in terms of its taste and flavor.

For brand product of Haenam-gun, real name system was implemented from production to processing and distribution and by having relevant government employees of Haenam-gun directly attend in production process, its quality is guaranteed by county governor of Haenam-gun and this brand is the best goods being differentiated by taste.


Winter Chinese Cabbage

A land blessed with warm sub-tropical climate! Haenam - A sole production place in our country! Winter cabbage of Haenam being grown in unpolluted, high-quality soil maintains its taste as it is without being frozen even in snow-covered winter (December-February) and everybody can prepare fresh gimchi with Haenam cabbage at any time. Winter cabbage is effective for skin care and anti-aging and its raw material is being supplied stably regardless of price fluctuation.

Red Clay Potato

This potato is an agricultural product being produced in clean red clay field of which natural environment is not polluted as such field is located at the southernmost tip of Korean peninsula. Its taste is the best for its high sugar contents just like a snug chestnut. Only the best products are sold by sorting out potato having good quality and taste at NH.

  • Red Clay Potato of Haenam Produced in Clean Red Clay Field
  • This potato is produced through contracted cultivation with sincere farmers.
  • It is as snug as chestnut and its sugar content is high.
  • This potato is a healthy food being produced in red clay only.


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